Striped garter-stitch length-wise scarf

Striped garter-stitch length-wise scarf

Finished up this striped garter-stitch scarf knit length-wise. This is going to be one of my favorites to wear this winter; it’s made of Jo Sharp Tweed, which makes it really warm but also soft with lots of texture. It matches my favorite big brown wool coat, too. Because it’s knit the long way, it seemed to knit up really quickly; I know it wasn’t actually quicker when I look at when I started it, but the super long rows seemed that way.

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365 project – Day 12: Stephanie’s Scarf

New Project - Scarf for Stephanie
I’m absolutely in love with this one – a scarf I’m making for Stephanie in two different varigated yarns, alternating rows, in a rib pattern that I got from Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s site. I finally got settled down with all the indecision about what new project I was going to try, and all the thought I put into it has paid off. This is going to be one of my favorite new projects, and I can see how polished it will be already.

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365 project – Day 10: Knitting at Home

New Project
I dithered back and forth about what new yarn to use and what new stitch pattern to try, until I drove myself nuts. Stephanie’s not feeling well, and I don’t feel great either, so I opted for comfort, and grabbed scrap yarn and the Roku remote. I’ve been watching Season 2 of MI:5 and knitting away on a easy project rather than stressing about creating some fantastic new thing.

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