Morning, Day 16 in Santa Rosa, NM

We made it back to our desired destination last night, although rather later than we wanted. The restaurant we ate at in Flagstaff was an old Route 66 place called Granny’s Closet, that used to be home of the very first fiberglass muffler man/lumberjack statue. They donated it to the University of Arizona as a mascot, but have a smaller replica at their cafe. I actually have a picture of the original from my friend Laurie, who sent it to me years ago.

Lumberjack Giant
Lumberjack Giant

Lumberjack at Granny's Closet

Traffic around Flagstaff was terrible; we tried to make a 45 minute hop off the road for lunch, and it turned into 3 hours because traffic in town was slow, and then they had 2 exits to I-40 closed due to construction and traffic backed up for miles. Very strange way to handle construction. That put us behind the curve by quite a bit, but at least we made it in.
We also hopped off to get gas at round dome gas station, and indian blankets at the Meteor City Trading post, but those were both short stops.

Dome Subway

Meteor Crater Trading Post

Giant Dream Catcher

Dinosaurs in Arizona

Today we have about 600 miles to drive; we’re going to try to make it to Big Cabin, Oklahoma, which is halfway between here and home.

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