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links for 2011-03-13

State Senator Jane Cunningham Wants to Put Missouri Kids to Work – St. Louis News – Daily RFT Crazy-ass Missouri Republican wants to repeal child labor laws and put kids to work. Barking mad, I tell you. What is the world coming to? Busting labor unions and putting kids to work – this is outright

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Republicans call the cops on Democrats

As reported in the San Francisco Gate: In the House of Representatives, Democrats were protesting the illegal ending of a discussion over a pension bill in the Ways and Means Committee, and while they tried to plot strategy on how to work on the bill, Republicans called the police to intimidate them into leaving the

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Texas Democrats protest redistricting

Here’s the skinny on what happened in Texas. Every ten years, new voting districts are redrawn in conjunction with the census. Districts were redrawn two years ago, and they didn’t come out the way the Republicans wanted (giving them more votes). So the Republicans tried to introduce a bill to redistrict again this year, to

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