Sarah Michelle Gellar Dreams – Parts 2, 3, and 4

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Sarah Michelle GellarOkay, I’ve had three more dreams recently about Sarah Michelle Gellar. In the past, I’ve had reoccurring dreams and sex dreams, but never a reoccurring sex dream. This is very cool, and I hope it lasts.

Actually, only one of these three new dreams — the first — was really a sex dream per se, and was very similar to the one I had earlier, except that I remembered (!) to shut up and not ask questions. (I actually remembered the other dream *in* this one. Weird.)

The second dream I had was one in which I made spinach lasagna for Sarah, and she ate it at my apartment. (This is the second time I’ve dreamed about my apartment where it actually *looked* like my real apartment.) She loved it, and wrapped up the rest to take home with her. We didn’t do anything but kiss, but the whole thing seemed erotically charged. Especially the part where she liked the lasagna.

The third dream was related to something I was doing earlier in the day when I was awake. I had been trying to figure out the best way to rearrange the furniture in my apartment, and was frustrated because all the floor plans that I came up with wouldn’t work — I’m limited by the location of electrical outlets.

I finally gave up in frustration and went to bed, and dreamed that I came home from work to find that Sarah had rearranged my apartment. Perfectly. I was thrilled. Then we made out on the couch. But I woke, up, so I got up and rearranged my apartment in the exact way she did in the dream, at three in the morning.

Cool, she likes the way I cook, wants to make out with me, and does all my lateral thinking. Too bad she’s not real.

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The Sarah Michelle Gellar Dream

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Sarah Michelle Gellar
Sarah Michelle Gellar
I had a dream where I was having sex with Sarah Michelle Gellar. Which is very weird, because she’s not really my type. I wouldn’t kick her out of bed, certainly, if she came up to me, and slid gracefully into my arms and squirmed around like she did in my dream. But she’s not the first celebrity I’d pick to have sex with, if I were allowed to go around picking them, which as far as I know, I’m not. I should probably check into that.

And in the dream, she was herself, not Buffy. Not that I know the difference, really, but I called her Sarah, and she said “hmm?” sort of absent-mindedly, because she was preoccupied with rubbing up against me, which was really nice, and I’m not sure why I was trying to distract her with all the talking.

I don’t remember much else except there was mostly a lot of kissing, and rubbing up against each other. And come to think of it, there wasn’t really any nakedness or actual sex, but I still think of it as a sex dream anyway, because it felt like it.

According to one website I read, when you have sex with someone in your dreams, it really means that the part of your personality that’s most like that person is experiencing growth, which is why you sometimes have sex in dreams with people that you aren’t necessarily attracted to. That’s a nice interpretation.

But I’ve noticed since the dream that I watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer like a fiend.

Update: Since this dream, I’ve had several more about Sarah Michelle Gellar.

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The Angel of Death Dream

A dream I had where I was so scared that I was afraid to get out of bed to go to go to the bathroom, at 29 years old.

It started at an archeological dig, where we uncovered a huge skeleton of bird/reptile-like creature, about twice as large as a human. It looked like a human, with a reptile head and tail, and wings. We brought it intact to a laboratory nearby, to study it. There were about twenty or so people gathered around it on a table, when it suddenly came alive, spread it’s wings and rose up in the air.

[This much of the dream I can guess came from a Simpsons episode, although my dream wasn’t animated.]
There was a collective gasp around the room, and as everyone exhaled, it began devouring the people. I ran out the door with several others and down the hallway, as it followed, still eating people.

The dream then turned into one of my standard maze dreams, in which I turned down different hallways and got lost while being chased. Someone running with me believed that it couldn’t figure out where we were if we were shielded by metal or porcelain, so we ran from one tiled bathroom with metal stalls to another, and that seemed to work. But it was still not too far behind us, devouring people it ran across, and there was plenty of blood and guts in the dream.

Deus Ex Machina

We realized though, that we had to get out of the building, so we found a way outdoors. This was bad, though, because suddenly we were on a beach, without any cover, and the monster could see us. And, of course, its impossible to run in the sand. But the monster kicked up huge swirling sand storms as it moved, so we were able to tell where it was and hide in one building or another. Once we were caught without a building to hide in and had to climb in a cement culvert in the sand, and the monster overlooked us.

We found a building then, finally, that was made of cement, metal, and porcelain, and ducked in; we were safe. I was watching out the window as the two monsters shot up through the sky in a magnificent, beautiful, terrible display of lights.

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Reoccurring Dream: Mazes

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Since I was young, I’ve had a reoccurring theme show up in my dreams: mazes. It’s usually a familiar building; in high school it was the library I worked in; in college it was the dorm, since then it’s been various apartment buildings and the places I worked.

The building is familiar to me, but the layout is not; as I wander (or sometimes run, depending on being whether I’m being chased in the dream) through the rooms or halls, I discover passages I’ve never noticed before. I end up turning down them and quickly get lost. Usually the dream ends in a panic as I realize I’m trapped or so lost I’ll never get out.

A notable exception to the above is a maze dream I had about Jess Curtis, a very beautiful woman who sings locally here in Indianapolis, and a casual acquaintance of mine. In this dream, we’re in a house I don’t recognize, and she is leading me along, flirtatiously, always just one step around the corner from me, beckoning me onward. Eventually she climbs though a window, and I go after her. The window leads to another room in the house, where an old man sits, and he tells me which way to go to head her off at the pass. It works and I manage to grab her and hold her in my arms as the dream fades and I wake up.

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