My reality show concept: Celebrity Karaoke Roulette

Shakespeare’s Sister question of the day the other day was: “You’ve been given unlimited resources and creative control to create your own contest reality show (a la Project Runway) or game show: What’s your concept?”

I’ve had this one rolling around in my head: Celebrity Karaoke Roulette.

Take five famous musicians, throw them up on stage with microphones, hit shuffle on the karaoke machine, and make one of them sing whatever song comes up. Rate them on best performance, and whomever “wins” gets money for their favorite charity. In between, they could perform one of their own songs or promote their album.

It would give artists a chance to promote a recent album, let out-of-the-spotlight celebrities make a comeback, promote a worthy cause, give us a slew of interesting covers to listen to by people who are already established as good singers, and perhaps be comedic as well if they screw up a performance.

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