Pillow Fight Club

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More public game ideas — Pillow fight Club is where strangers arrange to get together and have a giant pillow fight, with some specific rules:

  1. Tell everyone about Pillow Fight Club.
  2. Tell everyone about Pillow Fight Club.
  3. Turn up at the arranged Pillow Fight Club venue with pillow hidden in a bag.
  4. At the exact given time pull out pillow and fight.
  5. You cannot fight anyone without a pillow (unless they want it).

Pillow Fight Clubs meet spontaneously, connected by an idea and with a loosely shared objective. Their aim is to turn a regular public space into a pillow fight zone and a group of strangers into a community for the duration of the fight. They also aim to provide commuters amusement and bewilderment. Together with Flash Mobbing events, like Mobile Clubbing, their intention is to re-invent the way people view the use of public spaces.

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