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links for 2010-02-12

List of cognitive biases – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (tags: science lifehacks psychology logic) May Wright Sewall – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Indianapolis' resident suffragette and feminist. (tags: feminism suffrage voting women) National American Woman Suffrage Association – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia If you look at the section "background conflict" there are some really interesting

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links for 2010-01-27

8 guides to apply jQuery and ImageSwitch in web design | HieuUK (tags: flipclock) Indianapolis, New Orleans mayors place Super Bowl wagers | | The Indianapolis Star Yeah, we're going them shrimp from St. Elmo's. Yes, you read that right; we sending SHRIMP south, to NEW ORLEANS. Which is probably where we flew it

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links for 2010-01-22

Obama: Daddy of the United States of America You don't have to win, we were told at the positive-discipline workshop. Your child is not damaged, morally, if your child wins, if the battle is withdrawn, or, better yet, never joined. Our culture has viewed parenthood in terms of decisive moments, but it's better to view

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