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Okay, I have to write about this, because it’s been worrying me for a day, and I have get it out of my head. I went to my cardiologist yesterday for my “routine once a year post-surgery” visit. I had a vague expectation that I would be getting and EKG and seeing the doctor, and that’s pretty much what they repeated when I went in. However, the nurse guy who said this when I entered the exam room was brand new, so it’s possible he didn’t have the complete scoop on what the tests were supposed to be.

After I met with Dr. Trippi, though, he mentioned he wanted an echo-cardio gram, and it seemed sort of like he was tacking that on at the last minute. And then he went to find one of the echo technicians, and there was a wait while they figured out what testing room I could use, which also seemed like the test hadn’t been pre-scheduled.

When they were taking me from the exam room to the testing room, I could hear Dr. Trippi transcribing his notes about me in his office across the hall, which is rather creepy to hear a disembodied voice speaking about you: “Patient is Mineart, age 38….” I tried to hang back and hear what else he was saying, but the nurse was too far ahead and I had to catch up.

It was kind of a difficult echo – basically an ultrasound of my heart. They had trouble seeing everything, especially getting good pictures of my mitral valve, so it was somewhat painful. And at the end of it, the echo technician said something that struck me as odd — I don’t know if I can quote word-for-word, but it was something like “How long did they tell you the repair was good for?” And of course, I had been told that it was supposed to last until forever, so that’s what I told her.

So they bundled me all up and sent me out, but I of course don’t know what they saw on the echo, or if there’s some sort of problem that they didn’t tell me about. And it’s been worrying me ever since. Gf course, it could be I’m assuming too much or imagining things, and I hope that’s all it is. And I shouldn’t worry until I get more concrete information. But it’s sort of hard to write something funny and entertaining right now.

Update: It didn’t really turn out to be anything, thankfully.

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