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Commonly Prepared Meals

Originally published on: Apr 11, 2005. I’m updating this list because Stephanie is going back to work next week, and I’m going to take over many of the cooking responsibilities because she has a long commute. I’ve been looking at various recipe and grocery shopping apps, but I haven’t discovered quite the right combination that

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This weekend’s to do list…

Things we want to accomplish this weekend… sign up for green power through our local electric company – estimated $2, addition to our bill, considerably higher peace of mind. Sign up for a local food coop delivery service to get fresh local food. finish adding addresses to address book finish sending out “save the date”

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You’ll have to pardon me – this is on of those posts that’s just making notes for myself to refer back to later. Last night I planted in the front flowerbeds: 1 purple lavender 1 orange symphony 1 summertime pink charma 2 Dianthus – Confetti Deep Red 2 Dianthus – Spangled Star A seed packet

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