Sexed-up Hermione Granger

As Bil points out, for the IMAX promotional poster for “Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix” movie someone adjusted Hermione’s girl parts somewhat in comparison to the original movie poster, giving her some bigger boobs, a thinner waist and fluffier hair. I grabbed the picture he posted comparing the posters side-by-side, and overlaid one on the other, then animated it so you can see the difference. I was interested in seeing if there were any alterations to other parts of the poster. There’s a slight color change – the IMAX version has shifted some of the purples to greens, and there’s a bit of a lighting change as well; he IMAX seems to have more highlights behind Harry, and on a few of the other faces.

Hermione's IMax Boobs

But there were no other obvious alterations to figures on the original poster, other than the really big changes on Hermione. Hmmm.

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