Goodbye, Pennsylvania Street!

I Just Sold My House!
A small photoset of house pictures on Flickr.
I can’t begin to describe how happy I am right now! We closed on my old house this afternoon, and I drove directly to the bank and deposited the check into our savings account. Yay! Thank goodness. Now we only own two houses – ours and Stephanie’s, which is rented out. I have to call and cancel the utilities.
I thought I would be more upset than I am, but I went over this morning to gather up all the cleaning supplies and go through everything one last time, and I realize how much happier I am at our new house. This probably sounds really shallow, but I love that all the woodwork at our new house meets at the corners correctly, and we have beautiful hardwood floors, and everything is not all shabby and worn. It bugs me to look at pictures of the dog and cats from my old house, because the background of all the photos looked crappy.
Walking around the house reminded me of what bugged me all the time when I lived there; I had a running list in my head of stuff I needed to fix and work on all the time. I still have that list in our house, but it’s much, much shorter, and it doesn’t cover every square inch of the house.
And I can’t begin to say how awesome it is not to have that extra mortgage. There’s so much we’ll be able to do now – after we pay a bunch of bills, of course. Oh, sunshine day! I could not be more thrilled.

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I think I’m finally selling my house tomorrow

I haven’t mentioned this before, because I didn’t want to jinx it. But I think we’re finally going to get my house sold.

We have a closing scheduled for 12:30 tomorrow. My realtor let me know before my water aerobics class that that buyer’s lender sent the package to the title company. So everything should be in place for tomorrow. Thank goodness.
I know there are some people I haven’t told yet – notably, my mom – and I’m sorry about that. We’ve just gone back and forth on this so much that we really weren’t sure of anything until today.

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The House Next Door to Me

Is for sale at $29,900. [ Link redacted ]I hope that the neighborhood buys it, because if someone just buys it as an investment, they might be a crappy owner.

UPDATE: – The people who ended up buying the houses gutted it, then left it sitting for months before selling it again. Now (March, 2005) it’s owned by a really nice guy who’s got people working on it every day and it’s really shaping up.

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