Catholic Archbishop Doesn’t Know Difference Between Sex and Rape

In commenting on Italy’s current proposed same-sex civil unions bill, Archbishop Angelo Bagnasco revealed that he doesn’t understand the difference between sex and rape:

“Why say ‘no’ to forms of legally recognised co-habitation which create alternatives to the family? Why say ‘no’ to incest?” he said at a meeting of Church workers, according to a report in La Repubblica daily.

“Why say ‘no’ to the pedophile party in Holland?” he said.

I’ve said this many times, – it’s scary how many religious and conservative people don’t understand that bestiality, pedophilia, and in most cases incest are illegal because they are forms of rape, wherein one party can’t give informed consent to the act. Makes me want to keep my family members and pets as far away as possible from Republicans and Catholic clergy.

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Bigotry and anti-gay hate at the Republican National Convention

Pastor Donnie McClurkin will be performing at the Republican National Convention. Among other things, McClurkin thinks homosexuality is a “curse,” that it’s caused by men raping small children, that being gay is a choice, that it can be cured, and most explosively, that gays are trying to “kill our children.”
He’s come to those conclusions through his personal experience. He was molested by an uncle as a child, and believes his homosexual feelings came as a result of that.
While I’m sorry about what happened to McClurkin as a child, he’s blaming the wrong people. Homosexuality is not caused by being molested as a child. I was not molested, and neither were the vast majority of gay people. And most molested children do not turn out to be gay. Most gay people are not in the least interested in children. Most child molesters molest children of the opposite sex. Almost all children who are molested, nearly 90% are girls molested by adult men.
The numbers just don’t support what he’s saying here.
And if we truly want to get serious about children being molested, we need to looking at adult heterosexual males.

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