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links for 2010-03-05

Are Aunts the New Mom? « She-conomy while women make 85% of decision about household purchases, 50% of women are not moms – so why are all the commercials directed at mothers? (tags: women marketing) First Look: How Penguin Will Reinvent Books With iPad | paidContent:UK (tags: ebooks apps literature publishing reading) Palin At Oscar

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links for 2010-02-08

'How's That Hopey, Changey Stuff?' Palin Asks : NPR I'm pretty happy with the hopey, changey thing so far, actually. The changey part could be moving a bit faster, but when you take a good look at what's already been changed, they hopey part gets a lot hope-ier. (tags: palin idiots teabaggers) Love's language: Couples

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links for 2010-02-06

Palin e-mails reveal a powerful ‘first dude’ – Politics- Whoa. Unethical crap EVERWHERE in those emails. (tags: Palin alaska politics) Peter Daou: Male Monsters — Girl Buried Alive for Being a Girl and the World Shrugs More heartache at violence against women for being women. A 16-year-old girl killed for talking to boys. (tags:

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