Paint colors

Over the weekend, Stephanie and I picked out a few paint colors we want in the new house. I tried to find samples of these online to link to, but Olympic’s color picking tool crashed my browser.
Living room – Morning Fog (Olympic D61-1)
Library – Two possibilities: Ancestral (D36-3) or High Society (D41-3)
Dining room – Charade (Olympic C47-2)
This is dependent on whether the color matches the rug for this room.
Kitchen – Toasted Almond (D-13-2)
Staircase room, stairs and upper hall way – Sunbeam (Olympic A12-3)
Stairs accent color – Summer Squash (Olympic A12-6)
This will be on the textured wall below the rail on the stairs.
Laundry Room – Lettuce Alone (B-68-3)
Our Bedroom – Three possibilities:
Lauren’s Lullaby (A35-2)
Pleasing Pink (A34-2)
Pigtail Pink (B35-1)
Upstairs Bathroom – We considered several blue variations, but didn’t decide.

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