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Des Moines Register – Liberal Media Elitists!

That damned liberal media of the Des Moines Register (those gosh darned volvo-driving, latte-drinking, er… corn farmers!) take John McCain to the cleaners and don’t even give him back his pocket change or dryer lint. And, the paper had already endorsed him, before he acts like a total prick while being interviewed. My favorite highlight:

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Indy Star vs. Houston Chronicle: Houston has better readers

I happened to be reading this article in the Houston Chronicle about a gay male flight attendant murdered by a homophobe, and discovered something interesting while scrolling through the reader comments on the article. Houston Chronicle readers seem to be more articulate and logical (and better writers) than the typical reader of the Indianapolis Star.

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Newspaper Names

For a brain-storming session on a name for a new local Indianapolis paper, these were some of our ideas. Apparently, I’m the only one who thinks the name “Naptown Argus” as a Indianapolis newspaper is laugh-out-loud funny. Hmmm. Too much Greek Mythology as a child, not enough playing outside. (edited to add suggestions from reader

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