Nutjobs write to Judge in Kobe Bryant Case

The Smoking Gun: The People Speak: Letters To Kobe Judge

AUGUST 22–Everyone seems to have an opinion about the Kobe Bryant matter–and some people have decided to share theirs with the Colorado judge presiding over the NBA star’s case. Below you’ll find several kooky letters sent to Eagle County District Court Judge Frederick Gannett. TSG’s favorite is a missive from a Texas man pleading for the judge’s autograph–we’re guessing that’ll leave him just two clerks and a bailiff short of a complete set. (5 pages)

I’m so frightened at some of the ideas floating around in people’s heads. But it doesn’t surprise me, I guess. Rape is the only crime in this country where the victim is put on trial instead of the perpetrator. Imagine if you got mugged downtown, and during the trial for your mugger, you had to get up on the stand and explain why you were walking on that street at that time.

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