Poor Customer Service Experience

I bought two mattresses last Saturday (March 10th) at Kittle’s Rooms Express and when I paid for them, I arranged to have them delivered tomorrow (Saturday, March 17th). They were supposed to call me at work and arrange the delivery time. So several days went by, and I got no phone call, and just as I was going to call them, they left a message for me at home, saying they needed to “arrange a delivery date.”

Now, I had already arranged the date, so when I called, I was already concerned. Turns out they couldn’t deliver the mattresses Saturday, and wanted to do it Tuesday. When I said I’d already scheduled it for Saturday they told me the saleslady hadn’t done it (I *watched* her enter the info.) So after talking to the warehouse guy and the store manager, I ended up telling them to shove their mattresses.

So I went to The Mattress Firm and bought two mattresses, and they’re going to deliver them this afternoon. Yeah for them.

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