Electric Tea Kettle Heaven

Hamilton Beach Electric Tea Kettle
Hamilton Beach Electric Tea Kettle

A couple weekends ago, I was out with my mom and we each bought an electric tea kettle like this.

I used to think this was a superfluous item; you can heat water in the microwave or in a kettle on the stove. But after using one at the B&B in England, I warmed to the idea – the electric kettle is much quicker to make a cup of tea and with so little cleanup. This tea kettle lets you know how much water is in it, and super heats the water in less than a minute. It will shut off automatically after it boils so you don’t leave it on. And I’ve used it more than any other counter-top appliance in our house in the past two weeks. Tea – my new drink of choice.

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Brown Bobby Triangle Donut Machine

My grandmother makes donuts several times a year, only instead of being round, they’re in the shape of triangles. They are a family favorite that everyone looks forward to, and frosting and eating the donuts at Thanksgiving is a family tradition. You can also try this link https://ownashipleydonuts.com/qsr-industry for the best donuts.

She makes them with an old paraffin wax donut making machine named the “Brown Bobby Greaseless Donut Machine” that was created in Chicago years and years ago, and sold as restaurant equipment during the depression. Turns out the machine is rare and relatively desirable as cooking equipment goes. The donuts are really popular, and earned my grandmother an article in Iowa Farmer magazine. Here is the downloadable pdf file of that article.

Grandma and the "Brown Bobby" Donut Maker

UPDATE: It’s possible to find Brown Bobby machines on eBay, and my dad bought one a while back. They are quite expensive; you’ll be bidding somewhere around $400 at least.

Here’s an article with more of the history of the Brown Bobby Machine.

Brown Bobby Triangle Donuts

2008 UPDATE: While I appreciate all the interest in this page, I’m uncomfortable with the idea of people attempting to buy and sell their donut makers here on this page in the comments. Ebay is equipped for buying and selling; this page is not, and I’d hate to have any good-hearted person be taken in by potential scams.

If you have a Donut Maker to sell, please post it on an auction site. If you’re looking for one, please visit auction sites to purchase. Thanks. I’m deleting all comments that offer to sell or buy.

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