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Joss Whedon on the “Honor” Killing of Dua Khalil

Joss Whedon recently wrote a long piece about the “Honor” Killing of Dua Khalil, and asked that it be posted on Whedonesque, an unofficial fan site of his work. I haven’t written anything about this event, although I read about it on several blogs, because it’s the kind of occurrence that leaves me chilled with

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Buffy Quotes

A big fat list I had stashed somewhere on my hard drive, that I just recently unearthed. Heh. It’s not comprehensive; it’s missing the last few years of the show. “Anchovies, anchovies you’re so delicious. I love you more than all the other fishes.” -Dawn Summers Buffy: Fire Bad. Tree Pretty. Buffy: “Can you vague

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