I’m at work right now, so I can’t play this interesting game Betrapped, so I’m saving the link for later. It looks like a combination of Clue (my favorite!!!) and Minesweeper. You have to clear a room of traps (the minesweeper bit) and interrogate suspects (like Clue) to solve the crime. Here’s their synopsis:

A murder has been committed in an old English castle. As Inspector Parker, it’s your job to track down the culprit. Interrogate 12 shady suspects and examine each room for clues, carefully avoiding deadly booby-traps at every turn. A minesweeper-like puzzle game, BeTrapped! features both Adventure and Puzzle modes, with over 1400 mind bending puzzle levels, 37 spine-chilling adventure rooms, and a meta map to track your progress through the castle. Download now to solve the crime in this engaging whodunit!

Hmmm, looks like they also have a version of the game called Inspector Parker that’s more like the traditional Clue game. Fun. Sucks that the download versions are only for Windows, though. boo!

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