IPS: Sign The Yellow Petition

Currently in Indianapolis, there is a plan to renovate the crumbling Indianapolis Public Schools system by renovating 12 schools. The plan will cost $200 million and will be paid for through the sale of property taxpayer-supported bonds.

The plan is “controversial” because the greedy Republicans in the suburbs don’t want to pay for inner city kids to go to school. Consequently, the plan is the subject of two petitions, both for (yellow forms) and against (blue forms). Which every side of the issue collects the most verified signatures before December 30 will succeed.

Sure, IPS students under-perform in comparison to the well-funded suburban schools. That’s not too surprising, if you read a first-hand account from someone who’s been in both types of schools.

And that’s why the greedy Republican suburbanites are at it once again, leading the charge against the IPS bond. You can thwart their efforts by going to I Support The IPS and finding out how to sign a yellow petition.

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