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The 25th Annual Circle City Pride Celebration, June 8th

The Circle City Pride Celebration is a week of events, culminating in the Pride Parade and Festival on Saturday, June 8th. Visit their site for a list of the events; there’s lots to do this year throughout the week. But definitely the highlights are the parade and festival on Saturday. The Cadillac Barbie Pride Parade

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Job Posting: Executive Director, Indiana Youth Group, Inc.

If you know anyone qualified for this position, please pass this along. Indiana Youth Group is a lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender youth agency with a 15 year history in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Executive Director (ED) is a member of a two-person management team directly responsible for the organization’s achievement of its mission. The ED and the Operations Director

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Gay Indy Mailing List

On the bright side – I saw two movies this past weekend – Dogma and Run Lola Run. Both were good. On the dark side – It surprises me sometimes what other people find to be important. I say this because I’m on the GayIndy mailing list, and it’s kind of a joke. The mailing

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