I’m Free to do what I want any old time

Finally out of the house after the crappy ice storm. Sadly, I’m thrilled to be at work. My life, she is so exciting, yes? We made it through three days being stuck at home, although not without casualties. Eddie (that would be Stephanie’s Rabbit, for those who may be joining us late) suffered a flat while we tried to get him out of the ice and had to be towed to the shop to get his snow tires put on. He’ll need a replacement tire for is summer tires, I’m sure.

And I’m official over this effing winter. And since I’m sure I’m that boring ass blogger who talks about the weather and lunch and blah blah, let’s move on.

I discovered this blog over the last couple days. Effing Dykes. Proceed at your own risk, NSFW. But some of the funniest damn writing I’ve read in a long time. Let me repeat the warning – NSFW. But I will be ashamed to call you my friend if you don’t read some of it. Don’t be a tool. There will be quiz later. I will know of your truancy, mark my words.

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