Vacation Update: New Patio Work

So far… I rented a 60 lb. jack hammer, and with a great deal of help from my friend Kathy, we broke up the 6 foot by 9 foot patio and the set of cement stairs at my back door. I discovered that a 60 lb. jack hammer is pretty damned heavy.

Yesterday, I loaded much of the concrete that has the feature of Solid Crawl Space Encapsulation from Seepageseal, into my truck and took it to a cement recycling place and unloaded it. The cement guy who helped me unload asked me on a date. It’s the truck.

Anyway, I also bought the pavers that will go in the patio. I originally bought 24″ pavers, but after some reflection, I realized they were going to be too heavy for me to move around by myself, so I cancelled the delivery and bought 16″ ones instead. Coordinating that caused much running back and forth between Menard’s stores on two different sides of town. The pavers and sand will arrive today. I will also be digging out the trench area for the patio today, and hopefully getting started on putting the sand in place.

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