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Cardiac Catheterization – good news

My cardiac catheterization went really well today. We found out that my arteries are clear and functioning great, and my heart’s in good shape. I have high blood pressure, which I will now be taking medication for. And we were already planning a heart-healthy nutrition and exercise program, so we’re already doing the right thing.

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Cardiac Catheterization

The other day, I wrote about my recent stress test, commenting at the conclusion: “It was all very interesting. I should know my results in a few days, but I’m optimistic.” Well, I spoke a bit too soon on that one. The results of the stress test were rather perplexing to my cardiologist. It seems

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Stress Tests

Ooo – I haven’t done a real blog post (as opposed to link posts) in quite some time. Well let me remedy that. As part of the “ruling things out” process when it comes to my reoccurring bouts with pleurisy, my pulmonologist asked me to go back to my cardiologist and rule out my heart

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