What Do I Know Dumpster Diving playlist

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One of my favorite blog sites, What Do I Know, has a great iTunes Playlist of guilty pleasure songs from younger days, entitled the Dumpster Diving Playlist. It’s now available in the iTunes store as an iMix. What a great list!!

Oh my god… I’m totally buying these.

I’ve Never Been to Me (Remixed Single With Dialogue) – Charlene
The Warrior – Scandal

A couple of years ago, Doug and I put together a similar list from the 70’s entitled “Cheesy Hits from the 70’s.” I never posted the entire playlist to my site because it’s nine CDs worth of music. Someday, when I have more time, I’ll have to bite the bullet and put it on my site and link off to iTunes. But a number of the tunes on the Dumpster Diving list are on our compilation, too.

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