Our Wedding Locations

You may or may not know this already, but Stephanie and I are getting married on May 31, 2008. Last week we visited our planned locations to take photos and reserve them.
We’re getting married in Great Oak Commons Park in our neighborhood, Old Northside, about a block away from our house. It’s a pretty little park owned by our neighborhood association on 14th Street and Park.
Great Oak Commons Fountain
See more pictures of Great Oak Commons Park.
Our reception will be at the Propylaeum, a mansion in our neighborhood, located on Delaware:

The Propylaeum Club was built in 1890 by John W. Schmidt, a brewer from Germany, located just down the street from the Morris-Butler home and the President Benjamin Harrison’s home, it was just as grand. The members of the Propylaeum club, which is composed of women with the purpose to “inspire a love of literature, music, science, and the fine arts….to furnish Indianapolis with a woman’s social and cultural center”, decided to house their society there in 1922.

The Propylaeum
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