My Birthday

Dan and Doug took me out to dinner, and gave me North By Northwest and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and My sister gave me a fondue pot, ice crusher, and goth chick Barbie. So my birthday turned out pretty damned cool.
Fake book on Amazon: American Foreign Policy by G. W. Bush
Fake reviewers on Amazon: Henry Raddick and Andrew Lloyd Webber.

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people-powered mower

Bought a people-powered mower this weekend and mowed the lawn. Cool. My arms are tired, but the lawn looks great and it’s a small, efficient mower that doesn’t need gas or create air pollution. My lawn is green in every sense of the word.
This guy is interesting. He’s got an interesting design and he’s and excellent writer with a lot of provocative ideas.

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The Mighty Organ

Here’s a cool website that appears to have just started up. The Mighty Organ. Three interesting articles that caught my eye right away – Roscrucians, the Gnome Liberation Front, and Dull Chic. I definitely bookmarked this.
My list of stuff to do is getting much longer. But I am getting stuff done, so that’s cool. I’m procrastinating about going back to the old apartment and cleaning. There’s still so much to do! And I have so much cleaning to do in the new place. Because I want to have people over. I feel like I have a place to entertain. Cool.

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