“I have read your website and it is obviously that your a foggot.”

via the always hilarious 27bslash6, this funny email exchange with an anti-gay bigot: -“I have read your website and it is obviously that your a foggot.”.

I wish I were as clever as they are. Oh, 27B/6, It’s been along time since I visited. You have clearly become more funny while I was gone.

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I totally thought of it myself, I swear

Things you may hear me say soon:

“There are chemicals in the brain called neurotransmitters…”

4 person douche canoe

Sites I may link to from time to time:


Let Me Google That For You

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Rob at Cockeyed.com

This is a very fun website: http://www.cockeyed.com/. This guy makes paper maché stuff, cool costumes, and tests how much whiz there is in a cheese whiz can. Cool. He covered his entire car with aluminum foil, just to see how much of his car he could cover with one package. He made a “paparazzi” costume for Halloween, with dozens of cameras that flashed on and off repeatedly. He’s weird. I like him.
So I haven’t heard anything about the house today, so I’m assuming the follow-up appraisal went okay. I’m gonna run to the bank in a few minutes to get my check, so I can pay at closing. Cool. After close, I’m going to go to the house to see what needs to be done first.

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Dear Mr. Robertson

Dear Mr. Robertson, by Mighty Ponygirl:

Dear Mr. Robertson:
We here at the Holy Book of the Month club are very excited that you have been enjoying our flagship Holy Book “The Old Testament” so thoroughly. Many readers have become quite enamoured of it, as a dark, brooding tale of sin and vengeance from an unforgiving God.
We are just writing to let you know about our next exciting installment of the series: “The New Testament.” This shorter book introduces a new concept that many Christians have embraced: Forgiveness. In this book, a single holy man is sacrificed so that the sins of the world could be forgiven. In an amazing twist, we discover that his divine nature allows him to rise from the dead and ascend into heaven, though he first tells his followers that they have the ability to *forgive* those who have sinned. Gone are the days of being stoned to death for eating shellfish, and there is a renewed hope for generations to come. With this one act of humble humiliation, mankind is offered a new hope of seeking God’s good graces. It puts to rest the question “is there such a thing as a sin so terrible that God is unable to forgive it?”
This book has been applauded as “The feel-good book of the Eon” and “Not since ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ has there been such a thoughtful self-help book.”
Your copy of the best-selling “New Testament” is enclosed. You are under no obligation to keep it–if you decide to cancel you need only mark it “Return to Maker” and we will take your name off the List.
Cheers and happy reading,
The Holy Book of the Month Club.

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