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Fundies Say the Darndest Things

New edition to my regular online reading (for as long as I can stand it):

Fundies Say the Darndest Things
A blog that watches Christian message boards, blogs and news groups and culls the most laughable, craziest things that fundamentalists say on the internet.

What’s really scary is that these folks are ON THE INTERNET, meaning they have access to real information and education. And they still believe this crap.

I think back to my CCD and CYO classes when I was a kid, and if anyone had said some of these crazy-ass things out loud, they would have been smacked down immediately. Even though I disagreed with much of what was taught there, I don’t remember anyone being this batshit nutty, ever. Which just going to show that crazy people believe crazy things, and they use religion as an camoflage for their nuttiness, so no one can say they’re wrong.

Like this guy… who said this:

When God gave permission for some of His male creatures to go take certain female creatures as captives (for the sake of procreation), do you call this rape? Call it rape if you want … but I’m not calling it rape if it’s by the will of the Creator. For only God knows what each of us deserves.

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