Our Awesome Realtor, Sherry Soforic

I have been terribly remiss on one aspect of my recent home sale – in all of the celebration over getting the thing finished, and the tearing out of the hair that came before it, I completely neglected to mention how awesome our Realtor is.
Spike helps sell house
Spike helping Sherry fill out paperwork to sell my house.
Her name is Sherry Soforic, and she works for F.C. Tucker. She’s been a friend of Stephanie’s forever and ever, and helped her buy her house. Stephanie’s been recommending her to friends ever since, and everyone we know who worked with her thinks she’s awesome. She also helped us find our house, and was amazing in getting us into it – through all the negotiations and figuring out how to get contractors, Sherry has been a tremendous support. She comes by it naturally; Sherry’s mom was a real estate agent in Indianapolis for decades, and Sherry’s been at it for years, too.
Given the housing market slump recently, and the number of problems and things that went wrong on the way to getting my house sold, Sherry went far above and beyond what a real estate agent should be expected to do – she’s been a true friend and a spectacular, helpful person as well. Although I’m thankful we’re done with real estate transactions, I’m disappointed that I won’t be talking to Sherry every day or every other day – she’s one of those smart, insightful, funny people you just want to have around. I highly recommend her if you are planning to buy or sell your house in the Indianapolis area – if you call her, let me know; I’d love to hear about it. Also be sure to tell her we sent you.
Sherry Soforic Szeszycki
F.C. Tucker Company
work phone – 317-846-7751
Sherry’s Charity Triathlon
Sherry is also a member of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team In Training, where she’s run three marathons to raise funds to fight cancer. She’s now in training for a triathlon, which I’m in awe of. She’ trying to raise $3,250.00 for this triathlon, and if you want to check out her donation page, I’m sure she’d be thrilled.

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