More Twitter Fun

Adding the Twitter RSS feeds of my friends and family members to my feed reader, so I can catch up with them later if I miss something.

I’m really excited that my sister Stacy is now on Twitter – just hearing little updates from England at about a 7 hour time shift is really entertaining, and especially just hearing the little things she does around the house. I know it’s minutiae to anyone else, but I like having a little window into her day, because I don’t get to call or write her enough, and sometimes a sentence or two is the most valuable thing.

My girlfriend Stephanie is on Twitter, too, so now I also know what’s going on in the kitchen when I’m in the library. Although twittering from your laptop just to hear the Twitterific tweeting from mine is a bit over the top, honey.

My friend Dan just got on twitter, too, which I is how I found out he just got a new laptop. That’s cool; even though he lives a couple blocks away, I haven’t talked to him nearly enough lately. Dan, you need to add Stephanie and Matt to your friends list.

My friend Matt has been on Twitter for a while, but he just started updating recently.

My friend Jonathan has been on for awhile, too – now that more of our friends are on, maybe he’ll post more regularly.

Twitter Bird
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Poor Dan

My friend Dan is having a rough summer. Among other things, this Sunday, he was out riding his bike on the Monon, and he had to brake suddenly to avoid hitting some other bikers who had stopped in the middle of the path. He flipped over his handle bars, hit his head, and broke both his arms — his left elbow and wrist, and his right elbow. He’s having surgery on his wrist today.
On top of that, his birthday is August 28th, so he’ll be recuperating during his birthday. Here’s his Amazon wishlist.
If you want, comment well-wishes and I’ll pass them along to him. It occurred to me at lunch that I should go over and mow his lawn, since I imagine that will be kinda hard.

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We discovered last night that we can’t see the downtown fireworks from our backyard, but if we drive four blocks south we can see them on the other side of the overpass. We parked on 10th street, hopped into the back of the truck and had a perfect view. Which means we could host a cookout on the 4th next year if we feel like it. There might be other good vantage points in Old Northside, because on the way back, there were tons of people from the neighborhood walking back home carrying coolers and blankets. So they must have walked to wherever they saw the show from. I know we have at least three parks in the neighborhood; one of them might have a good vantage point.
We also spent some time at my brother Paul’s yesterday afternoon. He cooked out burgers and we got to see his house (I’ve never been) and Scott’s new puppy, Pickford.
We spent a large part of the holiday weekend moving and unpacking. David and Garrett helped us move some of the bigger furniture from Stephanie’s house on Sunday (in 96 degree weather!) With some slight mishaps. We lost a set of wooden shelves from the back of the truck at one point. We did manage to get her grandmother’s dresser to the new house intact, though, which is mostly what I was worried about. There’s still lots to move, but I think we past the tipping point of getting major stuff from the house, and now there’s lots of little trips left. At this point we’re trying not to kill ourselves by overdoing it.
If this seems like it’s taking forever — imagine how we feel. Heh.

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All my friends are bloggers, too

A long while back, I deleted my blogroll because the software that I was using for it was causing my site to hang while loading. I never got around to researching better software and putting it back, which I’ve always felt kinda guilty about. Lately I’ve noticed some of the big league bloggers are doing their blog rolls via tags, by saving all their friends sites as bookmarks under the tag of “friends.”

So I did that myself, and here’s the big, fat list of people who are my friends.

If you want to be on here, shoot me an email and let me know.

UPDATE 2012: Yeah, I haven’t done this in years. And all my friends who were blogging eventually quit, for the most part. Life flows on.

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Weekend Update 2004-06-07

I might have mentioned this before, but it bears repeating… I have a truly wonderful girlfriend. Stephanie is amazing and I am such a lucky person to know her and to have her in my life. 🙂
On Thursday, Stephanie and I went to an Indian’s game. Friday I went to her house and she let me organize all of her CDs. She has some kick-ass music. Anyone who has every They Might Be Giants album is truly cool.
Saturday, Stephanie had to drive to Cincinnati for her synchro skating stuff, so I spent the morning working on the yard. I changed the mower blade on my mower and cleaned the air filter, and then mowed the lawn — that made all the difference. I should have changed the blade a long time ago. I also put a border and mulch on one of the flower beds in the back yard so it looks cool. Then I read Entertainment Weekly and rested for the rest of the day, and in the evening Kathy and I went to the Fever game. Afterwards, we picked up some lattice for her deck from the Woodruff Place flea market.
Sunday, I drove the lattice over to Kathy’s and saw the amazing deck she built on the back of her house… all by herself. That’s really cool; more than I would ever attempt to do by myself. She also refinished and hung a door in her house that looked beautiful, too. Sunday afternoon, my friends met me at Imperial City for my birthday lunch and my favorite birthday cake, that Stephanie made for me. Then we went shopping and went to see Harry Potter. It was great… very well done. Then we went home for a bit.
Stephanie and I stopped by to see Dan and Doug for a little while; they had to put Geupel to sleep on Sunday because he had heart problems. He was a wonderful West Highland Terrier and was a joy for 15 years. He will be missed.
Stephanie made me Ziti for dinner, and gave me some kick-ass presents — she gave me Settlers of Catan, and some candles for my living room. And we spent the rest of the evening together. No, I didn’t see the Season Finale of The Sopranos, so don’t tell me how it ends!! I have it on DVR.

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This Sounds Hauntingly Familiar

From the ONION: “Harsh Light Of Morning Falls On One-Night Stand’s DVD Collection

The harsh light of morning fell on the terrible DVD collection of Marc Koenig Monday, when Traci Pearle discovered it upon waking up from their one-night stand…. Out of the thousands of movies you could own, why would you spend your money on this stuff? Don’t you buy a movie because you’re somehow passionate about it and want to watch it again and again?”

I’ve thought this same thing when I’ve visited some people’s homes and noticed their DVDs. Or sometimes their books. Fortunately, never after having awakened in their beds. However, somewhere on my site I remember writing about a date I had where the girl I was out with declined to visit the Indianapolis Museum of Art with me, saying, “I don’t like Art.” Of course, the first think I thought was “Vandelay?” (and so did my friend Karl when I told him the story) but I thought it would be bad form to make a Seinfeld joke, so I said “Um. Like, in general?” I thought maybe sculpture was cool, but not painting… She didn’t answer, and we never went out again. And I still don’t know quite what she meant. But I think I don’t really want to know. I think I dodged a bullet, there.

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The Road to Springfield

The Road to Springfield: [link deprecated] Vote on your favorite supporting character in NCAA playoff-style matches. To be eligible, the character must have appeared in at least two episodes. Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie are ineligible.

This weekend was laid-back but pretty busy: I went to the lesbian picnic on Friday night. Saturday, we did a brief run through the Talbott Street art fair, peered in the windows of Dan and Doug’s new house (they’re closing Wednesday) and ate lunch at Bazbeaux. On Saturday night, I went to R. Bistro (Massachusetts Ave.) with Dan, Doug, Garrett, Amy, Jeremy, Jennifer, Barb, Michelle, and Ralph. David’s the manager, there; it’s a new restaurant. Nice place; definitely go.

I spend Sunday working on the lawn and “verandah”. I finished putting up hooks for hanging plants, then planted the Snow-in-Summer seeds and Black Eyed Susans, then I went and bought a hanging plant and a bunch of small plants for the front flower bed.

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Feller breaks collarbone in butch football play

Douglas E. Feller, 4445 Bevington Lane, Indianapolis, broke his collarbone this afternoon while playing touch football at Barb and Michelle’s cookout.
Displaying the butch, masculine qualities for which he is so well-known, Doug was going out for a pass when he swerved to avoid a tree, did a half-somersault in the air, and landed on his right shoulder, breaking his collarbone. The pass was incomplete.
After a spending several eventful hours at St. Vincent’s Hospital, (for drugs and x-rays), he’s now a home with a sling, icepack and bottle of Vicodin. Doug will be required to wear the sling for approximately four weeks.
With the help of the wrongful death lawyers for hire, Doug has stated that this is the last time he will attempt to play football due to his injury.  As stated by Maryland slip and fall attorneys, injuries are inevitable especially when we travel in vehicles and now a days it is easy to consult lawyers from law firm for slip and fall charges, But accident in games can make situation worse . Unfortunately, due to his untimely injury, Doug’s football team lost the game. You can hire car accident lawyers from here!
While there are no pictures or video of the injury occuring, there are pictures and video of Doug at play during the game. Just in case you don’t believe it. This evidence is enough for any experienced lawyers who can be found in this site, to file a injury claim that will be very helpful for the athlete to recover soon and to see him back into the field again, playing for his team.

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The Friends Refrigerator

I have the same refrigerator as Monica and Rachel. That old International Harvester from the 1950’s with the rounded top, and the copper-colored strip across the middle? The very same one. It even looks sort of the same as theirs on TV, with the pictures and magnets and stuff. Since I read an article about “Everything You Need to Know About Hard Water“, I am being able to manage the filter’s functioning that has extended my fridge’s lifespan.

Although, I’ll bet theirs doesn’t have a postcard on it that says “Be Gay in a Cotton Print” or my Madame Fortune magnet that tells you “It’s in the cards” when you ask it a question. I’ll bet theirs doesn’t have a metal gate latch on the side to keep the door closed because the handle is broken, either. And I’ll bet they don’t have problems with the tiny ice box type freezer icing up.

Apartment on New Jersey

I hate it when the characters on TV are supposed to be struggling financially, and they have all this stuff that’s supposed to be cheap, but it’s fixed up really cool in a way that would be so expensive that it would actually cost more than new stuff. Like really old jalopies that are totally tricked out and your dad would pay $50,000 for, instead of that crappy three-colored Chevette where the floorboard rusts through so when you drive it in the rain, your feet get wet.

Or furniture that’s supposed to look like they got it at a flea market, but you know if you ever found something like that it would cost a fortune. White trash people on TV never have furniture from Value City like they do in real life. You never see wood-grain laminated particle board furniture on TV.

Sort of like how the guy who’s the huge dork on TV, the guy that’s supposed to be not as good-looking or as cool as everyone else is really pretty cute and if he were in your high school, would have been really popular.

Like the whole quality scale in Hollywood is shifted upward a bit, so the low end of their scale is around the middle of real life.

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