Living downtown is cool, hip and trendy

Hey here’s an article on something I figured out back in 1992: Living downtown is cool, hip and trendy. “The death and life of America’s cities” – Fred Siegel, The Public Interest

But do you own a cool Victorian there? I thought not.

(2014 update: Yes, in 2002 I was obliviously quoting an article from a neoconservative think tank without looking closely at what they were saying. I’m sorry; I was an idiot. I probably still am. It’s an interesting read today, though, because you can definitely observe how wrong they were in the article “It would be a mistake to assume that the big cities can ever again achieve the dominant position they once held.”- much has changed in the 12 years since they wrote it; the flood of people moving back to urban centers and away from suburbs is well-documented.)

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