My Favorite Flickr Photo Pools

In the Fringe > Alternative category, Flickr has some really funny and interesting photo pools — which anyone and everyone can contribute photos to. Here are some of my favorites, which I subscribe to through the pools’ rss feeds.

Adventures with Monkeys Photo Pool
I contribute a lot of pictures to this pool — people who take their stuffed monkeys on trips and to events and photograph them in front of landmarks.

Atrocious Apostrophe’s Photo Pool
Photos of signs with mis-used apostrophes.

Bad Signs Photo Pool
Photos of signs (often handmade) with misspellings, bad punctuation, poor design, or just bad ideas.

Big Things – Big Kitsch Photo Pool
Pictures of my favorite stuff – giant advertising art and roadside attractions.

Book Oddities Photo Pool
Photos of unusual books or strange covers. I have a fun one I need to add here.

Bullshit! Photo Pool
The premise is that you take a picture, and make up a totally fictional story explaining it.

Doing the Lynndie Photo Pool
Pictures of people shooting the “Lynndie England” Pose

Happy Ham Photo Pool
Those oddly disturbing signs on restaurants or butcher shops or elsewhere, showing whistling octopi or dancing pigs or other animals who are just so thrilled that they are about to get eaten.

It Came with The House Photo Pool
Pictures of stuff that was left behind in peoples houses by previous tenants. I have several things to contribute to this one from my current house, and I know there are going to be some great contributions from the new house.

League of the Empty Chair Photo Pool
Photos of abandoned, discarded or just solitary empty chairs; there’s an element of melancholy and loneliness to this photo pool.

Like a Person Photo Pool
Pictures of animals acting like people

Monkey Pictures Photo Pool
I just love monkeys.

Mr Flickr Photo Pool
Pictures of advertising signs that have a “courtesy title” (like Mr. or Dr.) in the name of the business. No Sex Please Photo Pool
Pictures that look risque, but really aren’t.

Statue Molestors Photo Pool
Pictures of people performing inappropriate actions on public statues and sculptures.

Things on Roofs Photo Pool
Pictures of odd stuff on roofs. I contributed a picture to this pool of a strange sculpture on an apartment rooftop in my neighborhood.

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