We discovered last night that we can’t see the downtown fireworks from our backyard, but if we drive four blocks south we can see them on the other side of the overpass. We parked on 10th street, hopped into the back of the truck and had a perfect view. Which means we could host a cookout on the 4th next year if we feel like it. There might be other good vantage points in Old Northside, because on the way back, there were tons of people from the neighborhood walking back home carrying coolers and blankets. So they must have walked to wherever they saw the show from. I know we have at least three parks in the neighborhood; one of them might have a good vantage point.
We also spent some time at my brother Paul’s yesterday afternoon. He cooked out burgers and we got to see his house (I’ve never been) and Scott’s new puppy, Pickford.
We spent a large part of the holiday weekend moving and unpacking. David and Garrett helped us move some of the bigger furniture from Stephanie’s house on Sunday (in 96 degree weather!) With some slight mishaps. We lost a set of wooden shelves from the back of the truck at one point. We did manage to get her grandmother’s dresser to the new house intact, though, which is mostly what I was worried about. There’s still lots to move, but I think we past the tipping point of getting major stuff from the house, and now there’s lots of little trips left. At this point we’re trying not to kill ourselves by overdoing it.
If this seems like it’s taking forever — imagine how we feel. Heh.

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