Ohio Election Fraud

Um, yeah – a really interesting tidbit of information from Slashdot:

goombah99 writes:
Netcraft is showing that an event happened in the Ohio 2004 election that is difficult to explain. The Secretary of State’s website, which handles election reporting, normally is directed to an Ohio-based IP address hosted by the Ohio Supercomputer Center. On Nov. 3 2004, Netcraft shows the website pointing out of state to a server owned by Smartech Corp. According to the American Registry on Internet Numbers, Smartech’s block of IP addresses – encompasses the entire range of addresses owned by the Republican National Committee. Smartech hosted the recently notorious gbw43.com domain used from the White House in apparent violation of the Presidential Records Act, from which thousands of White House emails vanished.”

Update: 04/25 01:24 GMT by KD : ePluribus Media published a piece called Ken Blackwell Outsources Ohio Election Results to GOP Internet Operatives, Again on election eve 2006, when a similar DNS switch to Smartech occurred. They have been investigating the larger story of IT on Capitol Hill and elsewhere for two years.

We can’t get these things investigated sooner than this? What the hell?

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Republicans Dress Up as Gay Outside Florida Polls

In an attempt to discourage black voters from voting Democrat on Sunday, Republicans dressed up as “gay” and “abortion rights” advocates and held provocative signs outside polling places as black voters went to the polls after Church this Sunday.

Read more about other Republican voter suppression tactics here:


GOP demands IDs of 37,000 in Milwaukee

Daily Kos’s Big List of GOP Voter Suppression Attempts

And on the bright side, a court decided in Ohio that people attempting to intimidate voters into not voting by challenging their status is unconstitutional.

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Minority Voter Intimidation

Salon has an interesting article on the common Republican election tactic of voter intimidation, where they send people into minority areas to discourage people from registering to vote or voting on election day.

There have been recent reports of this type of action in Florida surrounding voter registration, where election officials sent police to the homes of elderly minority voters in a thinly-veiled “fraud” investigation.

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