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Indiana Governor’s Race: Dumb vs. Dumber

I was incredulous yesterday when the John Gregg, the Democratic candidate for Indiana Governor actually went on record as being against same-sex marriage, because – how dumb can you be? That position is clearly on the wrong side of history, is clearly not a Democratic position, and will lose you your base in Indiana. It

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Barack’s Summer BBQ

See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor. I’m not a fan of College Humor usually, but I liked this one.

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Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney Ties Dog to Roof of Car

I’m a couple weeks late on this story, but it bears repeating. According to Time Magazine, and, Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney tied his family dog’s crate to the roof of the car for a 12 hour trip on the road. It was 1983 and Mitt Romney, former Massachusetts governor and now presidential candidate, was

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