Welcome to Brighton, Iowa Shirt

Welcome to Brighton, Iowa

Brighton, Iowa is the small town my dad’s family is from – my grandparents owned a family farm there for over 80 years and many of my extended family members still live there.

Until a few years ago, there was a painted sign when you entered town that said “Welcome to Brighton, Home of Lake Darling State Park” with a drawing of the lake on it – it was charming and I remember it from when I was a kid visiting grandma’s house; we’d look for the sign when we drove into town. A couple years ago the town replaced the worn and peeling sign with a new stone monument that says “Brighton, Iowa” on it – perfectly understandable because the sign was really showing its age. But I do miss seeing the old sign, so I took an old photo I had and recreated it to put on a t-shirt, which I’ve put up on my Redbubble Account for purchase.

Brighton Iowa Sign
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