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links for 2008-03-18

Video Coming To Flickr Soon. Really. Yay. I’ve been patiently waiting for this. I have a YouTube account, but having my videos in separate places has always bothered me. (tags: flickr tools video) Hepper | Modern Pet Furniture That Will Make You Jealous (tags: design furniture pets) flickrSLiDR – Embed Flickr Slideshows within Your Site

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I wanna commitment ceremony you

Stephanie and I were having talk the other day with one of our friends over terminology and what we called our selves, our wedding, and what we’ll call ourselves once we’re married. That’s not an unusual discussion, and gay people have different opinions about it. There are some who don’t embrace the words “marriage” “fiancĂ©e”

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Relationships and the Importance of Gay Marriage

This article in the New York Times, in a nutshell, explains what I’ve been saying for 15 years about why it is important for gay and lesbian people to be allowed to get married. “Marriage, for instance, isn’t just about the relationship of two people. Other people have to recognize the couple as a couple.

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