Weekend Update 2002-07-22

This weekend I finished painting the foyer and entryway, which now looks great. I also bought a round table for the foyer ($20) and a hat rack ($12) both of which I need to refinish. I got started on both yesterday afternoon. The table isn’t perfect, but it’s the right size. I’m thinking of painting a giant yin/yang symbol on top.

It is hot as hell here in Indiana. Thanks for the global warming, Bush. Wanker.

Here’s what I’ve been watching on TV:
Ground Force (BBC America)
Changing Rooms (BBC America)
Trading Spaces (TLC)
Big Brother 3 (CBS)

Oh, yeah, and the new season of Sex and the City. Of course, this might have something to do with the fact that there’s nothing on the freakin’ TV. Summer is boring, damn it. And no, don’t e-mail me and tell me to read a book. I already do plenty of that.

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