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links for 2011-08-31

Ugly Guy, Hot Wife – Television Tropes & Idioms Nothing will make me turn the channel faster than this trope.   (tags: movies television tropes misogyny) Oak | Acne Navy Normandie Mono Crop Off Turtleneck Sweater Oak Couldn't be too expensive to make; only one arm. (tags: Sweaters Design Funny) Twenty Iconic Male Movie Roles

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It’s a Minstrel Show, Folks.

My friend Lori posted some thoughts on the new season of Queer As Folk, and this caught my eye: interesting – the showtime website has a question in the FAQ – “Which of the cast members are gay in real life?” Showtime’s answer: “Some of the actors are gay, and some of them are straight.”

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Bon Jovi?

So, do you think that David Kelley happened to see an HBO rerun of “Moonlight and Valentino” and, because he couldn’t think of anything new to write, decided to lift part of the plot and drop it in Ally McBeal, Bon Jovi and all?

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