11:30a.m. – Making Your Short Attention-Span Pay Big Dividends (SXSWi 2007)

11:30a.m. – Making Your Short Attention-Span Pay Big Dividends
Jim Coudal – Coudal Partners
Brendan Dawes – Magnetic North
awesome panel – my favorite so far, and the one that I’m going to do a presentation on for work. Dawes is a New Riders author, which is one of our publishing entities at work.

short attention span panel

Rough Notes:
Jim Coudal
not letting things you don’t get to be considered a failure – you learn, and get a chance to dream about something.
enjoy exploring new ideas and trying things because you can – fail many times to succeed.
Saul Bass, editing Hitchcock’s Psycho
start out building A, but end up building B or C or g – which is good because it’s much easier to steer a moving ship. Examples from Coudal projects –
Follow whims to logical or illogical conlusion – better than forcing revisions on ideas that are ill conceived to begin with.
How to implement this type of dreaming –
Paint all the walls in your bathroom wiht chalkboard paint.
the book – holding place for ideas that we’ll probably never do.
anecdote about father writing things down on scraps of paper he would always use. I’m writing it down to remember it now – not later.

Brendan Dawes:
Dividends are not always about money – some are about reputation, PR, identity.
His website about saul bass. – letting domain name expire by accident – get the stuff out there, even if it’s not finished. Make it work for you – even if it’s half-ass. Making stuff happen.
Also about constraints – help you to focus your ideas. Not about the medium, it’s about the creative output of that – basic programming to alter a window display of a story didn’t like.
Hitchcock – frame every second- small pixels, lined up and compared. Easy short project that only took half an hour – but got lots of attention.
brendandawes.com – McGoogle – interface for google with the skin of Mcdonalds.
They who dream by day are cognizant of many things whih escape those who dream only by night. – edgar allan Poe

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