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Cat Tower Brainstorming

Some ideas I have for a project I’d like to do – a cat tower piece of furniture for the cats to have someplace to sit. The first was an idea I got from a cartoon. The other idea I’ve been knocking around is a combo clock/cat bed tower. Not sure whether to combine these

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My Photo Galleries

So, I have this dilemma about the photo galleries I have on my site, and what to do with them going forward. I’ve had them ever since I got a digital camera in 1999, and since then they’ve been a major feature of my site, although it’s one I never managed particularly well. My Big

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We’ll call it…

Why is it that when someone utters the phrase “We’ll call it….” when trying to introduce a new phrase or idiom, that whatever they come up with is invariably stupid? Idioms don’t come from pronouncements. They happen colloquially. In case you’re wondering, this is in reference to something specific someone said to me. Don’t worry,

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