Kill Batty Man – Scary Jamaican Blog

Joe.My.God points out this scary homophobic Jamaican site Kill Batty Man, hosted on google/blogger for over a year.

The site gleefully advocates violence towards gay people (often referred to as “batty men”) in the country of Jamaica (which has a long history of rabid homophobia, including some recent incidents I’ve noted here) saying while anti-gay violence will “hurt Jamaica” economically, it’s still a “good thing”.

Free speech issue surround this of course, but inciting people to violence isn’t protected free speech. You can flag the site as offensive and contact google to complain.

UPDATE: Google has placed a warning on the site, citing offensive content.

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Finally! I was able to fix my blogger templates

Sometime back in May, blogger stopped supporting my archive index page, and they failed to tell me about it. So since then, my archive pages haven’t been updating. I noticed the problem two weeks ago, and since then have been struggling with blogger help to figure out how to solve the problem.

I finally got it to publish and update correctly, so all of my archives are accessible. Yeah!

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