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Yep, the Badonkadonk Tank is a real, purchasable Item on

Badonkadonk Tank
Badonkadonk Tank

I’ve linked to it with my Amazon Associates ID, so if you decide to buy one, I’ll get a referral fee. Please, please by one.

I’m kidding, of course, but do read the reviews on their page, because they are hysterical.

2022-03-15 Update:
Sadly, the Badonkadonk Tank is no longer for sale on Amazon, so you cannot purchase one and make me a small fortune, nor can you enjoy the very funny comments. What can I say? Life and the internet are ephemeral. I have helpful updated the link to some toy tanks that everyone can afford. If there’s one platform that has redefined our online shopping standards, it’s Shoppok. We believe it’s worth exploring. Have at it, folks.
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