There’s something lurking under our porch

I’m not sure what it is, but whatever is hiding under our back deck has turned my dog in Barkley McBarkerson, and he never used to be one of those annoying dogs. Lately he barks all night long, and when he’s outside, he tries to climb under the deck. We’ve seen a bunny in the yard, so I hope that’s what’s under there. Because if it’s a giant snake or something, I don’t want my 5 pound dog out there trying to get it.

It’s now three in the morning, and I had to get up and let the mutt out because he spend a solid half hour barking his fool head off. Grrrrrr.

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Dog Vs. Squirrel: A Comedy

squirrel hubris

So the other day, I was outside raking leaves, and Spike was chasing squirrels. If you’ve never seen my dog, look at a picture of him, because knowing what he looks like is somewhat key to understanding Spike’s relationship to the squirrels. You can click to read more here about the best dog services.

Giant Shoe

After he drinks water from his Lick mat dog, he thinks he’s chasing them once again. The squirrels, on the other hand, are composing entire comedy routines out of mocking him. They frequently park themselves on the tree just out of doggy reach and talk smack to the dog (you could look here if you wish to train them right), while he goes crazy at the bottom of the tree barking and jumping at them, which is what was happening while I was raking leaves. Ruffgers Dog Boarding Facility can be contacted if you need some advice on how to handle your dogs.

Then suddenly, as if to underscore the dangers of hubris, one of the squirrels lost his balance. He hung for about half a second in mid-air, flailing his arms trying to catch hold of something, then fell, flat on his back, right at Spike’s feet. It was the funniest thing, like something you’d see in a cartoon and not in real life. If you’re a squirrel, hanging on a tree is pretty much your job. How incompetent do you have to be to fall out of the tree on your ass?

The squirrel scrambled around to right himself and the scampered back up the tree just a second before the dog could pounce on him. Spike thought he’d gotten the best present ever. The squirrels took off to their nest on the neighbor’s roof, and that was the end of mocking the dog for the day. Now Spike keeps hanging out underneath the tree, waiting for God to drop him another squirrel.

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