Dust Allergies

I finally managed to get around to getting tested for allergies yesterday, in my ongoing quest to figure out what the hell is causing my repeated bouts of Pleurisy. In the case of airborne allergies, I am apparently allergic to 3 things: Household Dust (to which I have a particularly bad reaction) and the pollen from Hickory and Walnut trees.
I’m so thankful I don’t have a reaction to cats or dogs. I can’t begin to tell you how I would have felt about that.
BUT. Ohmygod, the things we have to do to our house regarding dust. My stuffed monkey collection. The BOOKS. I have to find some way to keep everything clean, or it has to go. And we have SO MUCH clutter that needs to be sold or donated to goodwill.
My head is spinning just thinking about it. We’re also trying to show the rental house, which also needs to be cleaned, and we’re going on a Cruise for Dan’s 40th birthday at the end of August. I’m absolutely overwhelmed with everything.

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