Destroy All Humans

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EB Games finally had the Xbox game “Destroy All Humans” on sale used when I went in there this weekend, so I got it. It’s loads of fun. You’re an alien tasked with invading the planet earth and gathering human DNA, which contains the pure DNA pattern for your alien race, which has degraded over the years. You start by invading a farm (It’s a first-person shooter game) — the Turnipseed Farm — and using brain scans, telekinetic powers, a zapping gun and a few anal probes, you knock off the humans and steal their brain stems. And you throw a few cows around, too. Then you move on to knocking over the state fair and luring the fair queen to your saucer to get “probed.” Its a lot of fun so far; easy to figure out and play, and follows control conventions of other games I’ve played, with a lot of creative flair. Definitely a keeper.

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