George Bush “Action Figure”?

Oh, My God, Kill Me Now. Check out the latest G.I. Joe type toy… Flight Suit George W. Bush. Aaaaaaaauuuuuuuuugggggghhhhhhh, my brain hurts. On the other hand… Hmmmm. I wonder what my Ken Dolls and “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Joe would make of flight suit George. I wonder if you can take the flight suit off. I wonder if he’s anatomically correct. Even better, I wonder what George would do if he met Billy. These are the reasons I have a digital camera. Hmmmm.

Bush Action Figure

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Personalized Action Figures

Now, not only can I have an action figure made of myself, I can have my very own trading cards, as well. My superhero dream is finally coming true.

And it turned out to be a complete weekend of big bangs… we did fireworks, the city blew up a building, and then [insert diety of choice] decided to chime in with his/her own pyrotechnics. The power was out for three hours yesterday during the big storm. And ironically, I couldn’t find the matches (we used them all), and the lantern batteries were burned out. I had planned to mow the lawn, do web work, and go shopping, but couldn’t do any. So I layed around and read a book by candle light. Cool. I just started the complete, unexpurgated version of The Arabian Nights. Appropriate bedtime reading, no?

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