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If you’re here because you saw Dick Wolfsie’s report on the news this morning, thanks for thinking of me. My pictures of “Big Things” are here.

Mr. Bendo
Mr. Bendo

I think when I talked to Dick I mentioned some “Lost Big Things” that I took pictures of at one time or another which are no longer around. I mentioned Habig’s giant gardening trowel at 52nd and College as being one of them, but that isn’t correct. The trowel disappeared for several months, but it came back recently with a shiny new coat of paint, proudly displayed where it has always stood. I was very excited to see it.

The Giant Colgate Clock that the anchors were discussing is in Jeffersonville, Indiana, just outside of Louisville, Kentucky, and it is at the Palmolive Colgate Plant. It’s the second-largest timepiece in the world.

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